What Kind of Porn is Not Worth Watching

Watching porn is a very popular kind of entertainment that most people enjoy. Porn helps to relax after a hard working day, to temporarily replace a partner when one is away or just lonely due to some reasons, porn is an option for those who are temporarily excluded from social and sex life due to illness or business trip, etc.

Watching porn today is something almost mainstream, and although most people do not talk about it openly at every corner, most people use this opportunity on a regular basis. There is nothing specifically negative in watching porn, and there are hundreds of totally legitimate porn websites where the users can buy a legal subscription and stuff.

However, not all sex videos and movies are created equal, and some of them are not worth watching for different reasons. Every user has to take those into consideration if he or she cares about a quality leisure time. Taking the fact that, according to some users, they spend more time choosing a sex video than actually enjoying it, one should choose this type of content carefully.

What Videos to Avoid

The first type of videos to avoid is videos of the poor quality of image and sound. Honestly, there is no reason in tolerating awful quality when there are so many free HD videos on really respectable, checked and popular websites like Pornhub. If one watches porn on his old smartphone in the middle of nowhere with a very poor Internet connection, then yes, even a GIF image will work. However, in all other cases, it is better to spend your time on something decent.

This recommendation is especially true if we are talking about virtual reality sex movies. Watching them without VR helmet or glasses is a direct waste of time. However, owning VR glasses or helmet and trying to watch a poor quality read more

What Porn is Forbidden by Law

It must be said in the first place that in many countries, shooting just any porn movies, even the one where all the parties are consent and are willing to perform, is forbidden by the law. These are not some third-world states, but rather well-developed and modern countries, which, at the same time, do not consider taxes taken from a legal porn industry appropriate for the well-being of the country. Other states, like the US or Netherlands, do not object from getting official taxes (and these are huge sums) from the legal industry to the benefits of their citizens.

In the vast majority of countries, watching porn online is legal. It means that there is no official law saying “dear citizens, you are totally allowed to watch it online, have a good time”. It is just that these states support the freedom of information and freedom of access to this information, which includes free Internet and therefore, access to sex videos. There are some states that may not allow official porn industry, but watching it is ok.

There are also some states (not many, but still) where even watching foreign porn is a forbidden activity. These include Muslim countries, North Korea, Cuba, Russia and other states that do not support freedom of information and free access to information. In these states, access to any porn sites is blocked and forbidden by the law.

In Muslim states, porn is forbidden because of religious concepts. However, it is not fully clear why other more or less modern and developed countries deprive their citizens of such a harmless entertainment. This especially makes no sense if one recalls how many loopholes there are in cyberspace, including different VPNs and so on.  

These are general facts about where porn is forbidden and why. read more