VR Porn as a Stress Relief

Sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction have always been known for a soothing effect. Sex, especially with a loved, caring and attentive partner can easily relieve fatigue, stress, anxiety, or bad mood. Sexual desire makes the perception of the world more positive, while foreplay and orgasm stimulate the endocrine system, making one calmer and happier.

Many people feel the need in sex not as a way to promote their sexuality or get satisfaction from the partner, but rather as the way to connect, experience emotional catharsis and relieve stress. Some like tender sex, some find aggressive interaction more effective, but eventually sex is a good way to get rid of stress.

However, sex with a partner, or with a real person at all is not always available, especially immediately after stress, to relieve it. Some people can be very stressed on business trips while their spouses are away. Some people would like to relieve stress after a hard week on Friday night, but they have nobody around. Some people still can feel too emotionally exhausted to actually interact with other people, but they still need this lessening of tension.

In all those cases, porn videos are a smart method of stress relief, while VR porn videos are the best option one can get. While usual porn can help get sexual arousal and satisfaction, best VR porn movies also engage the person into the action, create a realistic illusion of being inside the video as one of the participants, which also causes a higher emotional response. This leads to deeper satisfaction from the sexual stimulation, and consequently to more efficient stress relief.

The positive effect of virtual reality porn on stress relief consists of two aspects. The first aspect is actually sexual arousal, stimulation, read more